Marine Chem ® Chemical Consultants are a team of Chemical Specialists who are Marine Engineers with vast experience with leading marine chemical suppliers.

Marine Chem doesn’t represent any chemical manufacturer /suppliers. We provide an unbiased and highly professional guidance on chemical application on board. No matter, which brand/brands of chemicals used on board; Proper and comprehensive review of water chemistry by a qualified specialist is important to identify any problem and to take proper corrective measures.

For vessels and Ship Owners and Managers, MARINECHEM® provides below services .Please contact us with your requirements at


Monthly Boiler /Cooling Water Log Sheet Review

Technical queries related to chemical application, Testing

Chemical cleaning recommendations for Boilers, Engines, FW Gen, Heat Exchangers etc

Recommendation on containing Contamination, Scaling, Corrosion etc.

Chemical Consumption Review /Cost Reduction

Identify and minimise any excessive chemical consumption

Rationalisation of chemicals

Identify and minimise the amount of unnecessary products

Safe handling &storage of chemicals

Dosing Equipment/Test Kits selection

Technical and commercial evaluation of current chemical program on board and recommending improvements.

Assistance in selection /evaluation of Chemical supplier

Assistance in preparing Fleet Chemical Tender and fair evaluation .

Failure analysis and trouble shooting